“Do Do Do Lookin’ out my back door” John Foggerty

The view from Unit #18

Our History

In the early 1950’s Al and Marie Raether decided to retire “Up North”. They bought land in Harrisville Michigan making sure it had sandy beachfront on Lake Huron. Al and a neighbor (with other help I’m sure) hand built the log cabin that became their home.

By the late 50’s The Raether’s hosted their Grandchildren for entire Summers. Their granddaughter, Kim grew up cherishing the memories of those summers “Up North”.

More Recent History

As adults, Kim and her Husband Mike continued to make trips “Up North” even though they moved several times to other states. Each trip included checking out the local real estate offerings and plans to someday own a place on Lake Huron. The plan was to buy a resort with Sandy Beachfront and name it Raethers Resort. Recently we had the opportunity to acquire this condo in Oscoda and although it is officially known as
“Surfside Heights II” we still refer to our unit as “Raethers Resort”

What You Do

As we learn more about offering Raether’s Resort as a rental property, we will make this website capable of taking reservations and booking your stay at our favorite place “Up North”.